How to Survive Cold Season, 1761

flamboyant engraving of orange with fluttering label Giovanni Battista Ferrari, Hesperides (1646)

Fever: To prevent catching any infectious fever, do not breathe near the face of the sick person, neither swallow your spittle while in the room.

Cold in the Head: Pare very thin the yellow rind of an orange. Roll it up inside out and thrust a roll up each nostril.

Cough: Drink a pint and a half of cold water lying down in bed… Or, make a hole thro’ a lemon, and fill it with honey. Roast it, and catch the juice. Take a tea-spoonful of this frequently.

The Country Gentleman, Farmer, and Housewife’s Compendious Instructor

What, you don’t want to spend the winter with a cocktail garnish up your nose? Maybe you shouldn’t have swallowed your spittle, my friend.