How to Sweet Talk Your Man, 1713

engraving of man and woman lounging amorously on couch Lewis Walpole Library

“Complemental Expressions towards Men Leading to the Art of Courtship”:

  • Sir, I am daily in disquiet, and shall be, till some occasion be offered me suddenly wherein I may appear to You to be more than Verbal.
  • Sir, Your good Goodness wants a resident.
  • Sir, I shall study to Chronicle Your Vertues.
  • Sir, You are so highly Noble, that Your Purse is my Exchequer.
  • Sir, Be confident of my Affection, while I have room to lodge You in my Bosom.
  • Sir, Sleep is not more welcome to the wearied Traveller, than thou art to my House.
  • Sir, Without you, the State’s necessities increase.
  • Sir, my appetite is sick, for want of a Capacity to digest your Favors.

Charles Sackville, The New Academy of Complements, excerpts

Looking to get more than verbal with a special guy? A few of these lines in quick succession will have him lodging in your bosom in no time.