How to Dress (Teen Girl Edition), c. 1500

older woman with head covered lecturing young woman British Library, Harley MS 4425, f. 37v

I counsel you not to wear anything outrageous, either too tight or too trailing, nor should you resemble those women who think they are very fashionable when their clothing is low-cut and very tight and they attract attention; they think their dress is admired, for which they are mocked and rightly reproved by those who hear the talk. Nor, my daughter, should you be like those who, to seem more fashionable, dress themselves so scantily in winter that they are freezing with cold, their complexions often sallow and without color, until, either because of the cold they suffer in private or from being too tightly laced, they endure many grievous illnesses, and many even die – never doubt that this is a great sin because they have killed themselves.

Anne de France, Lessons for My Daughter (trans. Sharon L. Jansen)

The Past would like you to know that you are NOT leaving the house dressed like that, young lady, or you will DIE of frostbite.