How to Make Coffee, 1685

illustrations of "The Coffee Tree" and "The Instrument"

We must now particularize the preparation of this Drink made with Coffee… The Grain… is put into an Iron Instrument firmly shut together with the coverlid; through this Instrument they thrust a Spit, by the means whereof they turn it before the Fire, till it shall be well rosted; after which having beaten it into very fine Powder, you may make use thereof… and put it into a glass of boyling Water, putting a little Sugar thereto: And after having let it boyl a small time, you must pour it into little dishes of porcelain or any other sort, and so let it be drunk by little and little, as hot as it can possibly be indur’d.

John Chamberlayn, The Manner of Making Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate

The barista will be charmed when you outline the requirements for your morning order of seventeenth-century spit-roasted coffee. For clarity, bring along a diagram of The Instrument.