How to Prevent Drunkenness, 1612

engraving of various animals in 17th c. dress, drinking, smoking, brawling, vomiting in tavern “A Looking-Glass for Drunkards,” 17th c.

Shew me a way how a man may drinke much wine and yet not be drunke. To drinke great store of wine, and not to be drunke, you must eate of the rosted lungs of a Goat: or otherwise, eate sixe or seaven bitter Almonds fasting: or otherwise, eate raw Coleworts before you drinke, and you shall not become drunk. How to make them which are drunk sober. You must make them eate Coleworts, and some manner of confections made of brine; or else drink great draughts of vinegar.

William Vaughan, Approved Directions for Health

Office holiday party preparedness kit: cabbage, pickles, goat lung.