How to Say ‘Drunk,’ 1770

group of men smoking, drinking, carousing, falling William Hogarth, A Midnight Modern Conversation (1732)

[T]he simple idea of having drunk too much liquor, is expressed in near FOURSCORE different ways…

Drunk, Intoxicated, Fuddled, Flustered, Rocky, Tipsey, Chuck full, Hocky, Crop-sick, Hot-headed, A little how came ye so? Crank, Cherry-merry, Bosky, As wise as Solomon,

It is also said that he has Business on both sides of the way, Got his little Hat on, Bung’d his Eye, Got a spur in his head, Got a crumb in his beard, Got his beer on board.

The Gentleman’s Magazine

Sometimes I think that the entire eighteenth century had a crumb in its little hat, if you know what I mean.