How to Heal All Wounds, 1683

engraving of naked man standing, pierced by arrows, spears, cannonballs, swords This looks like a job for Sanicle, Milfoil, and Bugle!
Ambroise Paré, Opera chirurgica (1594)

A Drink that healeth all Wounds… Take Sanicle, Milfoil, and Bugle, of each a like quantity, stamp them in a Mortar, and temper them with Wine, and give the sick that is wounded to drink twice or thrice a day till he be whole: Bugle holdeth open the wound, Milfoil cleanseth the wound, Sanicle healeth it; but Sanicle may not be given to him that is hurt in the Head, or in the Brain-pan, for it is dangerous. This is a good and Tryed Medicine.

Hannah Woolley, The Accomplish’d Ladies Delight

Sanicle, Milfoil, and Bugle: sounds like a law firm, but no! It turns out they are a highly regarded team of paramedic elves specializing in trauma care.