How to Make a Giant Egg, 1660

engraving of man lifting sword over mysterious large egg on table Scrutinium chymicum (1687)

To make a great compound Egg as big as twenty Eggs. Take twenty eggs, part the whites from the yolks and strain the whites by themselves, and the yolks by themselves; then have two bladders, boil the yolks in one bladder, fast bound up as round as a ball, being boild hard put it in another bladder, and the whites round about it, binde it up round like the former, and being boild it will be a perfect egg. This serves for grand sallets. Or you may adde to these yolks of eggs, musk and ambergreece, candied pistaches, grated bisket bread, and sugar, and to the whites almond paste, musk, juyce of oranges, and beaten ginger, and serve it with butter, almond milk, sugar, and juyce of oranges.

Robert May, The Accomplisht Cook

So those are your options. Make a giant egg, and serve it with a giant salad. Or raid your pantry for ingredients to make a giant, musky, pistachio-pocked, orange-juice egg, and serve it with queasy regret. Bon appétit!