How to Eat at Sea, 1607

fancy ship painting, lots of sails Detail of ship, Hendrik Cornelisz Vroom, c. 1600

A cheape, fresh and lasting victuall, called by the name of Macaroni amongst the Italians, and not unlike (save onely in forme) to the Cus-cus in Barbary, may be upon reasonable warning provided in any sufficient quantity, to serve either for change and variety of meat, or in the want of fresh victual.

Hugh Plat, Certaine Philosophical Preparations of Foode and Beverage for Sea-Men

Need some sustenance for your upcoming sea voyage? You can subsist for months entirely on this special victual, called by the name of Macaroni amongst the Italians and the college students. Pair it with some ketchup and you’re on your way to the Indies!