How to Speak French, 1694

painting of woman looking askance at lounging man Antoine Watteau, La Boudeuse

Model dialogue from Abel Boyer, The Compleat French-Master (1694):

Que faites vous? – What do you do?

Je ne fais rien. – I do nothing.

Que dites vous? – What do you say?

Je ne dis rien. – I say nothing.

Taisez vous. – Hold your tongue.

Ne dites mot. – Say not a word.

Demeurez en repos. – Be quiet.

Ne faites pas du bruit. – Don’t make a noise.

Quel tintamarre faites vous la? – What a thundering noise you make there?

Vous me rompez la tête. – You break my head.

Vous m’étourdissez. – You make my head giddy.

O! que vous êtes incommode. – Oh! how troublesome you are.

On second thought, the Compleat French-Master suggests that you just keep your troublesome mouth shut while in France. Vous me rompez la tête!