How to Use a Standing Desk, 1888

illustration of man at desk showing "CORRECT POSITION FOR STANDING WHILE WRITING"

The desk at which the individual stands when writing, should slightly incline from the front upward. It would so project as to give ample room for the feet beneath, which should be so placed as to be at nearly right angles with each other, the right foot forward, the principal weight of the body resting upon the left. Incline the left side to the desk, resting the body upon the left elbow, as shown in the above engraving, thus leaving the right arm free to use the muscular or whole arm movement, as may be desired. The desk should be so high as to cause the writer to stand erect, upon which the paper should be placed with the edge parallel with the desk.

Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms

Between the mustache and the standing desk, the 1880s have all the style cues you need to be the hippest guy in the office.