How Not to Get Expelled, 1484

illumination of teacher and three scowling students British Library, Royal 10 D IV, f. 1r (14th c.)

It is commanded to all students that none of them henceforth in the streets or ways of this town wield swords, knives, daggers, or any other arms, or wander about in costume or with faces covered in these aforementioned places, or stir up horrible clamors at nighttime in the manner of wild asses, or participate in forbidden games either in the taverns of this city or the outlying areas or villages around the city, or attempt to perpretrate there any ill deeds at all, or dare to disturb or injure the inhabitants of this city or any others, either bodily or in property, or dare to afflict them with any other injuries.

Leipzig University statute, 1484

Pro tip: your extracurricular activities should not involve daggers.