How to Compliment a Lady, 1663

engraving of man and woman lounging amorously

Amorous compliments endorsed by John Gough, The Academy of Complements (1663):

“Her Dove-like eyes.”
“Liquorous rolling eyes.”
“Her cheeks shine like sparkling stones.”
“Her Cheeks are like Punick Apples.”
“Her Cheeks are spread with Spices and Flowers.”
“Her breasts are the soft Pillows of love.”
“Her breasts are soft and tender as the Pelican’s.”
“Her Thighes are fit subjects for the pleasant Songs of youthfull Poets to acquaint the world with.”
“Her legs as stately and firm as marble pillars.”

Looking to stand out among the crowds of suitors? Try the pelican line at your next courtship event – it really gives you the element of surprise.