How to Cure a Werewolf, 6th century

manuscript illustration of wolves and man howling at them British Library Royal 12 F XIII

Those who are afflicted by the disease cynanthropy or lycanthropy go out at night… and imitate wolves or dogs in every way and hang around tombs until daylight. These are the symptoms that allow you to recognize sufferers: they are pale, their gaze is listless, they have dry eyes, and they cannot produce tears. Their eyes are sunken and their tongue is dry. They are thirsty and their shins are covered in wounds from falling continuously and being bitten by dogs…

You can treat it when it manifests by opening a vein and draining the blood until the point of fainting, then feed the patient with nourishing food. The patient should be given a sweet bath. After rubbing him with the whey of milk for three days, apply wild gourd salve… After the cleansing, anoint him with the antidote for viper bites…

When evening comes and the disease manifests, apply soporific lotion to the head and rub the nostrils with scents and opium. Sometimes you should provide sleep-inducing drinks as well.

Aëtius of Amida, Libri medicinales

Finally, an intensive spa treatment designed for werewolves.