How to Deodorize, 1605

engraving of nude women bathing and grooming Antonio Salamanca, The History of Psyche (16th c., Wellcome Library)

We will here discouer and discourse of the lothsome stench of the armepits… and how nearer that the stench is to the nose, so much the lothsomer is it. This stench is augmented through great labour at hot times, through want of shifting and alteration of clothes, through great incontinencie, and through some corrupted humors of the body. Then for to remedie this stench, it is needful (according to the quality of the person) that all such are to be purged and let bloud, and that they afterwards do bath in these odoriferous herbes, as Mints, Melilot, Lauander, Ireos, and such like… Marmalade with spices doth also expel all stench.

Christoph Wirsung, The General Practise of Physicke

If changing clothes and bloodletting don’t do the trick, there’s always preserved fruit.