How to Run, 1657

engraving of figure flailing and running Crispijn van de Passe, Atalanta and Hippomenes, 1602-7 (Rijksmuseum)

Swift motion, renders the body thin and compacted. Slow motion, rarifies and encreases the Flesh… Running, if it be Vehement, is good for Fat and moist bodies, but it is bad for such as are troubled with any kind of Head-ach. If Running be moderate, it excellently warms the Body, excites appetite… Backward, if it be gentle, it is good for the Head, Eyes, stomach, Loins. A Circular motion distends the flesh and belly, and very much offends the Head, uphil, tis bad for the Breast and thighs. Downhil it very much affects the head, it shakes the bowels, troubles weake hips… The body being covered, by moving sweat, it moystens and heats the flesh, but it makes the bodys il colored, because the pure air does not come at them, to clense the same. The body being naked, it draws out great plenty of sweat…

Joannes Johnstonus, The Idea of Practical Physick in Twelve Books

Finally, the perfect running program for everyone. Want a sweaty workout that’s good for your head? Time for a naked backward jog!