How to Exercise, 1560

engraving of scantily clad men exercising with small balls Girolamo Mercuriale, De arte gymnastica

Since there are various sorts of exercise, it should be considered which one is most suited to the preservation of health… exercise is true and praiseworthy when all the parts of the body move equally and exert themselves, and no part of the body works more or less than another… As for the exercise of reading, one should begin quietly, and with a controlled voice raise the volume until it is loud… Vision is exercised by looking at tiny things, and at times arranging it so that you glance at luminous things. Hearing similarly is exercised by listening to covert sounds, and then loud sounds… The most praised exercise is the one with the little ball, because, when you reflect on it, in that game all the parts of the body move. The exercise of the hunt is also praised, and particularly leading a dog on a leash… when the vapor of sweat and then flowing sweat appears, it is time for the exercise to end.

Domenico Romoli, La singolare dottrina

Your bold new circuit training program includes the following:

•reading at various volumes

•looking at tiny things

•playing with the little ball

•walking the dog

Phew, that’s enough of that