How to Make Spiced Wine, 1559

manuscript illustration of man preparing spiced wine with strainer Tractatus de herbis, Biblioteca Estense MS alfa.l.9.28, 15th c.

Cinnamon: an ounce and a half

Ginger: iii drams

Cardamom: ii drams

Folium, galangal: of [each] a dram

Spikenard, caraway: of [each] half a dram

Long pepper or black: iiii drams.

If it be made for rich men, adde: Cloves, nutmegs, maces, grains of paradice, of [each] ii drams

Clarified hony: a pint

[4 pints] of good wine

And if thou canst in steade of hony, put a pound of Suger.

If this drink be rightly made, it shalbe profitable against manye diseases, specially cold, and in old men, and them that be somwhat weake & feble unto copulacion. It shalbe conuenient for Fleumaticke & Melancholik persons mervelously, that not withoute a cause it may be called Manus Dei, that is the hand of God. It putteth away dumpishnes & sadnes, and bringeth mirth. It openeth the obstructions and stoppings of the splene.

The Treasure of Euonymus

Feeling dumpish? A cup of this will make you extra-spicy. Cheers, Hand of God!