How to Eat Seasonally, 1746

painting of table with oysters, lemon, wine Peter Jacob Horemans, Still Life (1769)

Experience teacheth, that Hens are best in January; Eggs in February; Lamb, Kid, Pidgeons and Veal in March; Herbs in April; Cockles in May; Bucks and Salmon in June, July, and August; Gunards in September; Oysters in all Months in whose name an R is found; Pork, Bacon, and Cabbage in frosty Weather, &c.

Thomas Moffet, Health’s Improvement

That pesky no-oysters-in-no-R-months rule is a venerable tradition. Perhaps it’s time to rename the summer months: Mray, Juner, Jurly, and Augurst. In the meantime, enjoy your bucks and salmon!