How to Make a Hedgehog, 1725

colored engraving of semi-cute hedgehog

To make a Hedge-Hog. Take a Quart of New Cream and boil it, then beat an Egg and put into it, and take a quarter of a Pint of sowre Cream, and mix them well together, stirring it continually; let it boil till it be a little turn’d, then put it into a Cloth, and squeeze the Whey from it; when it’s cold, mix it with pounded Almonds, and refin’d Sugar; then lay it like a Hedge-hog, and stick it with Almonds, cut small, and put good Cream about it; stick two or three Currans for the Nose and Eyes.

Robert Smith, Court Cookery

Sometimes you want to serve a hedgehog, but dietary restrictions or scarcity stand in your way. Enter the Hedge-Log: part cheese ball, part Tiggy-Winkle, all eighteenth-century genius.