How to Wash Your Head, 1612

woman dining in bathtub with attendant

You shall finde it wonderfull expedient, if you bath your head foure times in the yeare, and that with hot lee made of ashes. After which, you must cause one presently to poure two or three gallons of cold fountain water upon your head. Then let your head be dryed with cold towels. Which sodaine pouring downe of cold water, although it doth mightily terrifie you, yet nevertheles, it is very good, for therby the naturall heate is stirred within the body, baldnesse is kept backe, and the memory is quickened. In like manner, washing of hands often, doth much availe the eyesight.

William Vaughan, Approved Directions for Health

Pouring water on your head sure is terrifying! But the dreaded quarterly headwashing has its benefits. Best practices!