How to Grow an All-Purpose Herb, 1586

woodcut of herbs and trees growing in rows

To make an hearb to growe which shall have many savours and tastes. And to doo this: firste take one seede of the Lettice, one seede of Endive, one of Smallage, one of the Bassill, one of the Leeke, & of the parslie, al these put togither in a hole in such sort, that one seede may touch an other: but this remember that you plant these together in the dung of an Horsse or an Oxe without any earthe at all with them. And then after of these seedes shall growe up one proper hearbe, which will have so many savours and tastes, as there were seedes sowne together.

A Briefe and Pleasaunt Treatise, Intituled: Naturall and Artificiall Conclusions

With the power of manure, you can grow one herb to rule them all.