How to Interpret Dreams, 1698

woodcut of man with gloves on feet and boots on hands, horse driving cart, fish flying, mice chasing cats The World Turn’d Upside Down, 1647

To dream that you:

  • Have your Arm dried up, is very unfortunate.
  • Have a little Beard, shews Suits at Law.
  • Go over a Ditch upon a small Plank, signifies deceit by Lawyers.
  • See Dragons, signifies Gain.
  • Are Drunk, signifies sickness.
  • See a Gyant, or a large siz’d Person, is a good sign.
  • Have a new Girdle, signifies Honour.
  • Have two Heads, signifies Company.
  • Lose your Keys, signifies Anger.
  • Are Kiss’d by Men of great Quality, signifies Consolation.
  • See the Meat you have Eaten, signifies Loss.
  • Are stark Naked, signifies Loss and Damage in your Estate.
  • Take hold of ones Nose, signifies Fornication.
  • See Old Folks, is a bad Sign.
  • Write on, or read in Paper, signifies News.
  • Have Rods in your Hands is Jollity.
  • Eat a Sallad, signifies Evil or Sickness that will happen.
  • Study the Sciences, signifies Chearfulness.
  • Drink stinking Water, signifies a Violent Distemper.
  • Drink Sophisticated Wine, is an extraordinary good Sign.
  • Piss against a Wall, signifies Assistance in Business.

The Compleat Book of Knowledge

If you’re dreaming about being kissed by men of poor quality, you’re on your own.