How to Make Fake Bacon, 1687

painting of Francis Bacon looking grim Sir Francis Bacon does not endorse this recipe.
Frans Pourbus, Francis Bacon (1617)

To make Frayse1 appear like Rashers of Bacon. Take of fine Flowre half a peck, mingle one half by it self with Water and Butter and to the other add Milk wherein Turnsel has been steeped, with a little of the Powder of Lake; and having cut them out into slices, fix a slice of the one to a slice of the other at your discretion; and when they are fryed gently, or rather baked, they will deceive the most curious as to the sight of them.

The Accomplished Ladies Rich Closet of Rarities

Want to deceive your most curious friends? Just grab your plant dyes and whip up some Early Modern imitation bacon. Breakfast hilarity will ensue.

  1. A pancake ancestor (also froise or fraze