How to Stop Sneezing, 1680

engraving of nose-and-mustache mask with strings Allegories of the Senses (1561), Wellcome Library

To stay the sneezing scratch the Soles of the Feet and Palms of the Hands; rub the Eyes and Ears; smell to white Lilly, and Bath your hands in warm Water… The Phlegm that runs from the Nose like Snot is stay’d by proper Remedies for the Cure of the Brain, whereby the Spring of such Noisome Humors is dryed… use some proper Syrup to correct the ill scent of the Snot’s abundance.

The Country-Mans Physician

Allergy season self-care: foot-scratching, hand-washing, fragrant lilies, and getting rid of the #*$&@ brain snot.