How to Maintain Facial Hair, 1609

woodcut of man's head with splendid beard and hair John Bulwer, Anthropometamorphosis (1650)

It is most true that a man is to be commended, if he be cleanly… his haire well dressed, his beard well brushed, and alwayes his vpper lip well curled… as if every haire would threaten to pull out his eyes, for if he chance to kisse a Gentlewoman, some rebellious haire may happen to startle in her nose, and make her sneese, so by this meanes, he applies both physick & courtesie at one time, then he may freely say, God blesse you Lady, receaving back the chirping Eccho of I thenk you sir.

Simion Grahame, The Anatomie of Humors

Want to improve your kissing technique? With a properly curled mustache, your next kiss will really be explosive.