How to Cure Melancholy, 1587

emo engraving of a woman at a desk embracing a skull

Of the Passion of the Splene… This impediment doth come by thought, anger or care, or sorow, of imprisonment, of feare & dread, and for lacke of meate and drinke. Also it may come of great solitudenes… The chiefest remedy for this matter is to use honest & mery company & to be iocund & not to muse upon no matter, but to leave of at pleasure, and not to study upon any supernatural thinges, specially those things ye reason can not comprehend, nor use not to leane or stoupe downe to write or rede, & beware of slepe in the after none… Melancoly-meates, hard cheese, and feare is not good for the splene, and if any man be spleniticke let him… dry the lungs of a Foxe, make pouder and eate it with figges.

Andrew Boorde, The Breviarie of Health

Finally, a therapist who understands the causes of your melancholy. The fear, the isolation, the Costco pack of Melancholy Meat you bought…