How to Improve Your Brain, 1596

medical illustration of head with brain parts visible Andreas Vesalius, De humani corporis fabrica, 1555
Wellcome Library, London

A Rule to knowe what thinges are good and holosome for the Braine.

  • To eate Sage, but not overmuch,
  • To drinke Wine measurablie,
  • To keepe the Head warme,
  • To washe your Hands often,
  • To heare litle noise of Musicke or Singers,
  • To eate Mustarde & Pepper,
  • To smell the sauour of Red-roses, & to washe the Temples of your Heade often with Rose-Water.

These Thinges are ill for the Braine.

  • All manner of Braines,
  • Drunkennes,
  • To stand much bare-headed,
  • Overmuch Watching,
  • Overmuch Bathing,
  • Cheese,
  • Garlicke,
  • Overmuch Knocking or Noise, & to smell a white Rose.

A Rich Store-House or Treasury for the Diseased

A bouquet of white roses: the floral equivalent of a concussion.