How to Stay Cool, 1723

architectural diagram of pavilion cooled by waterwheel

When the Sun is in its full Force, there is nothing more refreshing, or affords more Pleasure to Mankind, than cool Breezes, whether Natural or Artificial, which, provided they are moderate and constant, will invigorate the Spirits, and help the Health of the Body. Many of the Curious have already endeavour’d to purchase the pleasing Coolness I speak of, either in Grotto’s or Pleasure-houses… The House, Fig. I. should, in my Opinion, be either Round or Polygonal… Fig II. Shews a Chain of Buckets, which may be continually kept working, by means of a Wheel cross the River, and will constantly supply the Cistern on the Top of the House; and the Water being once brought together in a Body, and deposited in a Bason above us, will by proper Pipes give us the Jets and Cascades we desire.

Richard Bradley, A General Treatise of Husbandry and Gardening

Summer heat got you down? What you need is an indoor water park. Hello, pleasing Coolness!