How to Spend July, 1612

engraving of veiled woman with fan Wenceslaus Hollar, Summer (1644)

In July. Now arrives the Sommers Solstice, which with the fiery Dogge turnes the moisture of our bodies into parched exhalations, which we commonly call cholerick symptomes. And therefore shunne roast or broyled meates. Shunne salt meates, Bacon, and strong Beefe. Spare not to drinke Ptizans, Endive, or Succory waters, which coole the liver. Now you may boldly sleepe in the after noone, so that it be not presently after dinner, and not above an houre. Beware of bloud-letting, Physick, and venerous acts. When you are emptie, bath your selfe in colde water, for that recreates the animall powers.

William Vaughan, Approved Directions for Health

It’s July, and you know what that means: no grilled burgers, no sex, just cold baths and endive water. On second thought, just boldly sleepe until August.