How to Make Fireworks, 1633

amateurish engraving of man with fireworks equipment

Of the making of Rockets and other Fireworkes. For the making of Rockets of sundry kinds, divers molds are to be made, with their Rowling pins, Breathes, Chargers, &c. as may be seene here in the figure.And having rowled a Case of paper upon the Rowling pinfor your mould, fill it with the composition belonging to that mould… now may you loade it on the top, with Serpents, Reports, Stars, or Golden Raine… Touching the making of the Golden Raine that is nothing but filling of Quilles with the composition of your Rockets somewhat hard: Now if the head of a Rocket be loaded with a thousand of those Quilles its a goodly sight to see how pleasantly they spread themselves in the Ayre and come down like streames of Gold much like the falling downe of Snow being agitated by a turbulent winde.

Jean Leurechon (Hendrik van Etten), Mathematicall Recreations

Gunpowder & a thousand quills = guaranteed to be a goodly sight.