How to Nap, 1623

painting of old man holding head Old Man in an Armchair (c. 1650)
National Gallery, London

Sleeping at noones causeth heavinesse of the head, dulnesse of wit… Moreover it hurteth the eyes, spoileth the colour, puffeth up the Spleene with winde, maketh the body unlusty… Yet… that it is lawfull at any time of the yeare for old men to sleepe a nap at noones, by reason of their imbecility, needs no demonstration.

Tobias Venner, Via recta ad vitam longam

Some bad news here for everyone: your refreshing midday power nap is giving you spleen wind, unless you’re an old man – in which case the seventeenth century has diagnosed you with imbecility. Sweet dreams, all!