How to Exercise, 1623

men playing tennis The racket, c. 1610

[W]hen the skinne shall be wet with sweat, it shall be good to desist from exercise, lest by proceeding therein, not onely the spirits and good humours be exhausted, but also the fat… bee melted, or at least caused to putrifie; by meanes whereof, if sudden death ensue not, as oftentimes it doth… the body become sickly, withered, and impatient of cold… Here therefore it is to be advertised, how great and laborious exercises doe evilly dispose the body, and subvert the state thereof, and that the best and most profitable exercises, for them that are sound and healthfull, are walking, bowling, the racket, and such like easie exercises.

Tobias Venner, Vita recta ad vitam longam

For the love of God, don’t use the elliptical machine. Does putrefied fat sound like a joke?